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B&B v. Hargis Certiorari Petition Granted

Congratulations to Larry Bogatz (B&B Hardware) and William Jay at Goodwin Proctor.   The U.S. Supreme Court will hear the merits of their appeal from a decision of the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals.  ...

Hawglawblawg on the LEAA

"But how can we have a fair judicial process if we can’t even see who is funding judicial elections?"

The Arkansas Project Weighs in on Supreme Court Race

"I find LEAA’s injection of such ideas into Arkansas politics offensive, as a lawyer – and I think everyone who knows anything about the Constitution should find LEAA’s conduct offensive, as an American. Wynne has been vocal about the fact that he isn’t the author of...

Annenburg Public Policy Center Exposes False LEAA Ad

"In the end, the LEAA attack ad is beyond the pale. It comes at the 11th hour and distorts the record in a blatant appeal to fear and emotion. It is funded by special interests, but we don’t know the real intent of those behind the ad, because the group does not have...

Cullen Announces for Supreme Court

My own blog was scooped by the great folks at Arkansas Appeals! Thank you, Tasha and Andy Taylor!   WWW.CULLENFORJUSTICE.COM  

Special Task Force on Practice and Procedure Issues Report

The Arkansas Supreme Court published an interim report of the special task force appointed last year to address several recurring issues in the civil justice system.   Their report includes recommended changes to several important rules, and a discussion of the...

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