Starting August 1st, all briefs and motions filed in Arkansas appellate courts must also include a PDF file.   Here is an excerpt from the new rule:


(a) Motions, petitions, writs, briefs, responses, and replies filed in the appellate court, except those filed by a party proceeding pro se or by a party who by court order has been allowed to prosecute the suit in forma pauperis, shall be submitted with an electronic copy of those documents in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF).  Submissions in PDF of circuit court records or parts of records filed in the appellate court is encouraged but not required.  Submission of PDF documents in text-searchable Adobe Portable Document Format is also encouraged by not required.

The new rule also proscribes requirements for naming the electronic file.   For now, section (f) requires the PDF files be submitted on a disc or flash drive.  The Reporters Notes state this is a “transitional step toward the anticipated requirement of electronic filing of documents in the Arkansas appellate courts (See Administrative Order 21 – Electronic Filing).   The full per curiam can be found here: Rule 1-8